Pose Tip – Anjaneyasana


This summer we took a family vacation to the coast of Oregon and I fell in love with Paddleboarding. Once I found my balance on the board, I attempted a couple of asanas. You don’t see my Tree Pose, because I ended up in the frigid water, but here I am in Anjanayasana, the Kneeling Lunge pose.

I adore how this pose stretches and strengthens the entire lower body, especially the psoas, and stretches the shoulders and abdominals. It can also be used as a gentle backbend, deepening awareness of the inhalation and stimulating the lungs. (Wendy Hagen)


  1. From All 4’s, step Right foot forward between hands, aligning Right knee over Right heel.
  2. Stretch Left leg back.
  3. Lift torso upright and sweep arms to sides and up by ears
    Extend tailbone down to pull belly back