Is the Chirp Wheel Worth It?


We are all aware of the fact that exercise keeps our body fit and healthy. Exercising regularly keeps a person mentally and physically active throughout the day. Some go to gyms and work out there, while others prefer doing the workout at home. Either way, including exercising or workout in your routine is quite essential. 

In the market, there are many fitness equipment through which we can exercise in the home. The new technologies make our workout routine easier while giving us many benefits.

The Chirp wheel is one of the fitness apparatus to be used to treat back pain issues. In this chirp wheel review, we’ll walk through many of the key product highlights and its main advantages. The company has sold nearly 500,000 Chirp wheels. You may find the name to be new, but its former name was Plexus Wheel+. Later, the company renamed it as Chirp Wheel+ in 2019.

Product overview

Sitting for long hours in front of the computer or other similar activities can strain our back, thus hampering our productivity. Here’s when Chirp wheel comes to the rescue. 

You can think of Chirp Wheel as a massaging wheel for your back. The inner rim of the wheel is comprised of ABS plastic, and the outer rim is composed of rubber tread. The product is designed in such a way that it is soft enough to provide comfort but strong enough to massage the muscles on the back. 

A lot of activities strain the back. Using Chirp Wheel, you can relieve the tension in your muscles and relax them. 

The company offers the wheel in different sizes:

  • A small sized wheel with a diameter of six inches
  • A medium-sized wheel with a diameter of ten inches
  • A large-sized wheel with a diameter of twelve inches for providing broader stretching throughout your back

You can buy the wheels either individually or a combination of three for a discount.

This wheel aims to provide relief to backaches. The Chirp wheel has a spinal canal to avoid hurting your vertebrae while massaging. This wheel can bear up-to 500-pound weight, which means anyone can get benefit from it. 

What is the Chirp Wheel made of? 

The body of the Chirp wheel is designed to provide great satisfaction to users. It consists of high-quality material. The material used for the Chirp wheel is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It has two layers. The outer layer has a 6mm thick, soft foam, which provides comfort. The outer cover is odor-free, which means even if you are sweating while using the wheel, the smell won’t linger on the wheel. The outer material of the wheel provides a firm grip, whether you are all wet or sweating. The inner layer is made up of anti flex material, which does not get squeezed while rolling. The overall wheel is durable enough for massaging and also to provide comfort. 

What it does and how it works? 

The entire wheel is structured to provide massages for your skeleton and back muscles. The Chirp wheel has to roll up and down the spine slowly. While rolling, the pressure is applied to all the back areas to relax the muscles’ tension. It even helps to treat neck pain and headaches.

Firstly, find a position that is comfortable and suits you the best. Then slowly roll backward and forward over the Chirp wheel, keeping the vertebrae in your spinal canal. You can use it while working out or whenever your back strains out. The whole point of this wheel is to release the tension in the back muscles. 

Benefits/Side effects


1. The Chip wheel is comfortable and thick.

2. The Chirp wheel is well designed for a better massage.

3. The inclusion of the spinal canal in the Chirp wheel helps your vertebrae from getting damaged. 

4. The wheel works effectively for relieving back pain.

5. It can bear up the heavyweight.

6. The Chirp wheels are available in different sizes.

7. It provides a warranty for ten years.

8. It offers free return along with hundred-day trial

9. It is suitable for beginners in yoga or workouts.

10. You can practice some challenging poses on it as it provides a tight grip.


1. There are no protrusions for deeper muscle tissue massage.

2. Padding may crumble if left unused for a long time.

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